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Inspired for the Industrial Home or Office

Our website features just a range of Vintage Industrial Furniture handmade in the UK. The Industrial home office furniture we produce is completely customisable from the ground up. Steel sizes can be changed along with steel types and colours. The wood can be planed smooth or hand distressed. There really are so many options available but we try to keep it as simple as possible. The main advantage from using a bespoke vintage industrial furniture company like ourselves is that it can be made to sit your specification. Even if you wanted the furniture with a detachable option, we can offer that.

Handmade with a Vintage Style Design

Industrial home office furniture is moving out of the workshop premises and factories and it is entering in to the bedrooms and drawing rooms. In other words it can be said that the non-industrial purposes of it is gaining popularity. The vintage industrial furniture is turning up as dining room tables and antique bar stools. Even the scissor coffee tables have found the place in living rooms, whereas the industrial chairs are been found in the sidewalk cafes.

The Industrial office furniture is now no more left to be broken down in to scrap or to rot. Such furniture are been given fresh lease of life in the modern interior designing. This is now been repurposed as unique and distinctive household pieces furnishing and also as art pieces, tables, chairs and similar components. The potential uses of such furniture were hardly realized earlier. Whenever the old palace or mansion was been brought down, the wood was then been auctioned and later on the use of it was almost unknown. In most of the cases, the wood was been used for the insipid purposes.

Due to the increasing use of the vintage industrial furniture, the people now are able to avail good quality furniture pieces without the need to spend a fortune. The popularity of such furniture has thus soared lately. This type of furniture is necessarily durable for long years of industrial use and it is quite appealing for the people.

The designs of such furniture can be of different kinds that include traditional and contemporary designs. This type of categorization is created normally in the broader prospective. The designs of it are quite eye-catchy and attractive and it attracts the attention of people instantly. The vintage style furniture is quite impressive and soothing and it cater royal look to the décor of your house.

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