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Bespoke UK Design

Our website features just a range of Vintage Industrial Furniture handmade in the UK. The Industrial style furniture we produce is completely customisable from the ground up. Steel sizes can be changed along with metal types and colours. The oak wood can be planed smooth or hand distressed. There really are so many options available for industrial vintage furniture but we try to keep it as simple as possible. The main advantage from using a bespoke industrial furniture uk company like ourselves is that it can be made to sit your specification. Even if you wanted a detachable option, we can offer that.

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Modern to Rustic Style

Industrial modern furniture is moving out of the workshop premises and factories and is entering into our homes and offices. In other words it can be said that the non-industrial purposes of it is gaining popularity. Handmade industrial furniture uk is turning to be highly desirable in the luxury custom vintage furniture uk market.

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Made to Measure Wood and Metal Service

The Industrial office furniture is now highly sought after for modern and rustic interior designing. Rustic industrial furniture is being repurposed as unique and distinctive household art pieces. The potential of industrial rustic furniture is endless. We can create any clients desired vision with the use of bespoke design software and fabrication skills. We have opened the market for made to measure bespoke vintage furniture.

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Handmade Oak and Steel Look

Due to the increasing demand of the industrial design furniture, we have created the option for our clients to customise the oak sizes, colours and styles. Bespoke industrial furniture would not be complete without the option to look at steel options too! We can send out samples to you to look over before making your decision.

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Custom Made for the Office or Bedroom

If your after that industrial look furniture then please browse through our designs of traditional and contemporary industrial bedroom furniture. We believe we have added enough products to our website to give you some incentive to start your new project. If you have any questions regarding our work please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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