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On average how long does an order take to complete?

We say 2 – 8 weeks for an order to start and be completed. 80% of the time we deliver within a 4 week period. Busy times of the year require up to 8 weeks. If you need to know how long the wait is currently please contact us. If you require an urgent quick delivery please speak to a member of our team.

How can I make an order?

There are 3 options to order a product:

  1. Online – Order your product straight from our website and we will email to confirm receipt and begin working on your furniture.

How can I best look after my furniture?

We will supply you with a cloth and spray which is designed to clean your oak surface every 3 – 4 months. Other than this its your general wipe down on the steel with a dry lint free cloth which will remove any dust.

Can I store my furniture outside?

We advise all customers not to keep the furniture outside at anytime. The oak and steel both do not like water environments. The oak will naturally absorb any water, causing the wood to crack, warp an expand.  The steel with have a bad reaction to any water and will likely rust. All our materials are treated before delivered but there is always a chance of long term natural change.

Will the steel rust?

If kept in a damp environment, over time the steel will begin to rust. We advise all our customers to keep the furniture in a dry environment.

Will my oak top be waterproof?

We use Treatex Hardwax Oil to protect our oak tops.

How long has the business been established?

We started the business in 2012 and officially began trading in 2013.

Where can I see previous customer testimonials and reviews?

You can visit our testimonials page on our website or view our Google Plus page. Here you can see just a few comments of what our previous clients have to say about our products and services.

Where can I view Russell Oak & Steel in person?

This year 2016 we will be placing our furniture in selected stores around the UK. When we do we will notify all customers on our newsletter. So join the newsletter today at the bottom of our website and be the first to know!

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