Spruce Remington Industrial Desk with 3 Drawers

Spruce Remington Desk

2018 has been a great year for us so far and projects like this make it all worth while. Have you noticed the Remington Desk with 3 drawers on our website? If you have then this will be a nice twist for you to see the spruce / white looking solid oak sitting on a brushed stainless steel frame! This really gave you that wow factor feeling!


For this desk we used 40mm box Brushed stainless steel. Together with the steel frame and oak this would bring the total height to around 750mm as we do for the majority of our desks and tables. The welds on the steel have been left visible to give that vintage industrial finish. The steel frame was made detachable as requested from the client. To fix the legs to the frame we used a number of m6 bolts. We include verbal or written instructions on how to detach the frame if you ever intend to do so in the future. To do this all your need is an Allen key.



For this desk the client chose the Solid Oak Planks. The oak colour you can see here is Spruce, added to this we finish with a clear matt hardwax oil for protection against water spillage etc. This is done for all of our furniture collection. The overall measurements for this desk is customisable.



Our delivery team will ensure your bespoke industrial desk is built in the room you desire, all included in our personal courier service. We can also provide you any future oak treatment advice.

If you would like a Remington industrial desk with 3 drawers similar to this and would like to discuss a project similar to this, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. Whilst your online, take a look through our online shop and collections and see if there is anything else that may inspire you. It’s also great to view our oak and steel options to get an idea of the choices available to you. You can order samples online if you wish to see the wood and metal options in person.