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Our Story

We began our journey in 2013 in Derbyshire. Joshua the company founder was in marketing at the time for an estate agents and previously tried and tested various small businesses. Joshua was always determined to become an entrepreneur and find work he was passionate about! After work Joshua would go home to continue his search for his next venture, searching and working from his kitchen table he set out to find a nice unique office to desk to work from.

After having constant unsuccessful attempts at finding anything suitable Joshua set out to create his own office desk using materials he liked the look of. As you can imagine one thing let to another and after a welding course Joshua began to sketch, design and create his own style on the including the industrial feel. After years of experience the company has grown completing unique one off projects and fitting out huge commercial offices! Joshua and his team pride themselves on offering an excellent customer service and quality products which proves to be the reason why the business continues to grow to this date.

Where it all began! – The family home garden shed – April 2013


“I am proud that Russell Oak & Steel is now recognised around the world as a well known and established furniture brand, I hope that soon or one day in the future you may find one of our products in your home or office! I’m extremely excited to imagine how the business will continue to grow in the future! Enjoy the website and don’t hesitate to contact me for any queries.”  – Joshua Russell – founder of Russell Oak & Steel

All the furniture you see on our website is handmade bespoke to order. We rarely stock any products. Our team are dedicated, hardworking and can adapt to your timescales. We have completed hundreds of one off, made to measure jobs and have fitted offices with up to 150 desks, filing cabinets and storage units. There is no project too small or too big for us to take on! If you have any queries about our products or service please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team!


If you have a request for a bespoke made to measure project don’t hesitate to contact us with more details. We can discuss a unique style and provide you with a bespoke quote within 1 – 3 days.

One of the many benefits with having handmade bespoke furniture is the option to have your frame(s) detachable giving you the advantage to assemble the furniture in hard to access spaces!

Not only is that great but we offer a personal courier service with assembly, which means we will not only deliver but we will assemble everything in place so you don’t have to lift a finger!

The Journey Continues

Here in 2020 we now have a workshop and working showroom based in the centre of Derbyshire. We are very excited about the future of Russell Oak & Steel and will continue to keep our website updated with the latest projects and business developments!

Next for us is the introduction of our commercial services to cater for the larger office spaces as well as a few new ranges of furniture! Find us on instagram to see what projects we are currently working on!

You’re always welcome to come and see us at our place of work. Although we are open most days we do recommend booking a visit. We are often out on deliveries or out re stocking on materials.






The perfectionist. Always looking to improve and create in the business. Works everything in the business from treating the oak tops to fabricating steel frames, delivering the furniture and running the accounts! The hard working mentallity has been passed down from his father Roger!





The welder, Josh’s father and ex Rolls Royce worker. If it needs to be done right and on time, Roger is the man for the job! When 10 tonnes of steel arrives at the workshop, Roger is found still smiling and ready for action! You might also see Roger on deliveries! He loves a coffee with 1 sugar! 🙂





New to the team in 2018, Joe works alongside Josh on all current and future projects! They are constantly looking at ways to improve the business and looking at future ideas and projects. We are very excited to see what is coming in 2020! Joe has some exciting projects on the go as we speak!





You can’t stop this guy from smiling! Keith is the comedian of the team, always looking to for the next prank to play! Just doesn’t like to smile when he’s modelling! Don’t let the scary face fool you, he is a true grafter and all round loving family man!




Colin aka Fred

We have 2 Colins in our team so Fred is his nickname! Colin enjoys the small and big oak jobs, when the order comes in you find Colin with tools in hand ready to go!  When he’s not gluing and sanding oak tops you’ll find him in the garden planting and growing vegtables! Just an all round lovely man! Colin also makes a lovely cup of tea!





Colin loves the oak jobs! He runs his own family joinery business but never stops on the Russell Oak & Steel orders! Colin’s business grows as we do! It’s amazing all round for the family businesses! When he is not in the workshop or quoting on the next job you’ll find Colin in the Alps skiing down the mountains with his family! So if your quote is running late that’s why! 🙂

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